The Society of Wilderness

Established in Taiwan on June 25, 1995, 

The Society of Wilderness (SOW) is dedicated to protecting the natural and ecological environment in Taiwan through education, habitat preservation, and public participation.
In addition to 10 branches and 14 liaison offices in Taiwan, we have partners in Nicaragua, Australia, and Malaysia. 
To date, SOW has more than 14,000 family members.
How to get involved.
  • Gather 20 people, SOW will give a free speech -“Learning about the Natural Beauty of Taiwan”
  • Attend free seminars
  • Attend activities like Experiencing Nature
  • Attend training courses like Nature Observation and Interpretation
  • Become a member, volunteer and /or make a donation
For the latest information, please:
  • Visit our website at
  • Subscribe to the SOW e-paper
  • Call us at +886 2 2307 1568